If you want to hack on citeproc-java (which would be much appreciated by the way), download its source code from the GitHub repository. Execute the following command to compile the library and to run the unit tests:

$ ./gradlew test

The script automatically downloads the correct Gradle version, so you won’t have to do anything else. If everything runs successfully, you can create a .jar library:

$ ./gradlew jar

The library will be located under the citeproc-java/build/libs directory.

To install the library in your local Maven repository execute the following command:

$ ./gradlew install

If you want to build the command line tool run the following command:

$ ./gradlew installDist

The command line tool will be installed to citeproc-java-tool/build/install/citeproc-java-tool.

citeproc-java is CSL 1.0.1 compliant and all standard tests from the CSL test suite run successfully. To run the test suite on your computer, execute the following command:

$ ./gradlew runTestSuite